What’s Next?

What’s Next?

Bridgette Hammers


“Are We Asking The Right Question”

As we run into a new year, many of you are already asking, What’s Next?  These two words have paralyzed with fear for years.  Am I the next…? God, What’s next?  NEXT!!  I wrestled with God over his plans for my life as if he needed my approval before he could move forward.  He began to teach me the reason his response was always silence, was because I was asking the wrong question.  It’s not what’s next?  It’s what’s new?  God’s word says that he is doing a new thing not a next thing.   His mercies are next?  Nope! His mercies are new every morning.  There is something about God that loves for us to have a daily walk with him.  Trusting him for the “new” each morning.

God is infinitely creative and does not need anything from us.  He has created each of us so uniquely that not one of our journey will be identical- not one!  I found myself making plans for God’s purpose in my life.  Strategically planning and dreaming how each step would unfold.  Finding myself extremely frustrated that my best laid plans were not lining up with God’s plan.  I was making battle plans for the One who knows the future, for the One who is beyond space and time, for the One who knew me before I was even formed in my mother’s womb.  I would ask him, “Am I the Next…..  Who-ever”?  

He began to break it down real simple for me.  I’m not running my plans by you.  Bridgette, you can trust me in my greatness and faithfulness or you can live in anxiety and fear.  It’s your choice.  I wish I could say that I was smart enough to let go in that moment, but I wasn’t.  It took God allowing me to go to one of the darkest places I’ve ever been to admit, “I don’t got this”.  I need his plan, his way, and I trust whatever that is.  

God doesn’t use the same battle plan twice.  He is not a god that needs to duplicate his winning plan/plans.  He does not need a formula.  He can use a stone in David’s hand, He can use 3 jewish boys to defy a king in a fiery furnace, and he can use an unknown, unqualified chick to lead thousands into battle with only a mic in her hand.  

You see God is not up to what’s next.  This is how the world plans and thinks.  God is up to what’s new.  So as we prepare for the new year, let’s bend our ear to God’s heart and ask “what’s new”.  What new thing is God doing and let’s go slay our enemy in battle.



Lamentation 3:22-24

Psalm 139