God, let Your voice be heard, let Your breath be felt, and Your light be seen.

Emmy-award winning artist Bridgette Hammers repeats this prayer before every performance, setting her heart’s tone toward the message that her songs and voice deliver. Hammers’ vocal style layers soulful inspiration with fast-paced, uplifting music and songs designed to bring people into the presence of God where they’re free to dance, sing and worship Him in their own personal way.

Deeply rooted in gospel and church music from her East Texas roots, Hammers began singing when she was just 4 years old, growing up in a small country Baptist church. Today, Hammers intertwines her own personal history and contemporary worship music, creating inspirational messages where her vocal prowess has been compared to legendary artists including Adele and Martina McBride. Peers and fellow artists have called her an “amazing talent,” with a passion for reaching others with encouraging and uplifting messages.

Hammers possesses an individual art form that is able to bridge generational and cultural gaps wherever she performs, uniting hearts in song. She regularly leads worship at churches in North Texas such as Gateway Church and her home church of Preston Trail Community Church.

“Seeing people know the freedom of God inspires me,” Hammers says. “Hearing others stories of triumph through a hard journey encourages me. Seeing people’s lives transformed in the presence of God in worship is a passion I can’t shake.”
Established to bring awareness against human trafficking and the tragic results that it is having on children and society, her single “Voices Rise” was created to bring light to a very dark reality. Her desire to change lives through music led to the founding of her nonprofit, findurvoice.

Hammers has competed in various music contests on both television and radio. She has been ranked in the top 5 talents by 94.9 KLTY, 99.5 WOLF and 106.1 KISS FM radio stations for vocal competitions. Hailed “the best National Anthem singer” by Dale Petroskey, former Baseball Hall of Fame President, Hammers has been invited to perform the National Anthem for major sporting events with the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Frisco RoughRiders and the Baseball Hall of Fame many times over.

Hammers is currently in studio working on a new EP that will blend fun, fresh versions of favorite worship songs along with a creative melody of tender strings and fierce ballad arrangements in new, original songs.

As Founder and CEO at BH Music Studios, Hammers owns and operates one of the most competitive and successful music studios in North Texas. Having built the studio from the ground up, she is enthusiastic about helping others reach for their dreams while simultaneously pursuing her own. Hammers takes great delight in helping her students learn about the gifts of music, voice, and performance.

Hammers is available for booking at conferences of all types of venues from football stadiums to local church gatherings. Her unique way of encouraging others to believe in and discover the love of God has brought encouragement and motivation to thousands, and her goal is to continue finding new ways to use her voice and talent to help others discover a better world and better life through Jesus Christ.